Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron James Body Paint

LeBron James is the extremely talented MVP caliber, NBA basketball player who is also known as, King James.

LeBron has quite a few Body Paint on his body, mainly concentrated on his arms and shoulders.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a large lion head on his bicep with the words, "King James", a crown with the name of his mother "Gloria" with a star, plus some flame Body Paint on his forearm with the numbers "303" which is his hometown area code.

On his left arm he has a Body Paint which reads "Beast" along side "Hold my Own" with a ring of stars, plus a cute portrait of his son LeBron Jr with the words "Prince James" as well as his second sons name "Bryce Maximus" on his forearm.

LeBron also has a large lion with wings on his chest, and the word "Family" running down the right side of his stomach.

Some of his other Body Paint include, "L" and "J" on his triceps, "Witness" on his right leg, and perhaps his most famous Body Paint is on his back, which read "Chosen1".

Checkout these great pictures of LeBron James and his Body Paint designs.

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