Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robbie Williams Body Paint

Robbie Williams is an amazingly talented and one of the most successful British pop singers of all time.

Robbie truly has a passion for Body Paint designs, seeing how he has fourteen of them, at last count.

He has a rather large Maori tribal Body Paint on his upper left arm and shoulder area, containing many twisted and turns which is meant to represent the constant change in his life.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a lion head on his bicep with the words "Born to be mild" on a banner beneath it, along with the phrase "Elvis, grant me serenity" above the lion head.

On his right forearm is a Christian Body Paint design, with Jesus on the cross, and the Virgin Mary along side two angels and a dove.

He has a Body Paint on the back of each forearm in old English lettering, one says "ILoveU" and the other says "Mother".

The Body Paint on his back include, the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian falcon god said to protect from evil spirits. On his lower back he has the musical notes and lyrics of "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles.

On his abdomen is a pair of beautiful swallows, a type of bird which represents freedom and honor.

He has matching Body Paint on each wrist with the name "Jack" and "Farrell" accompanied by a small heart, in memory of his grandfather.

Some of Robbie Williams' other Body Paint designs include, a Celtic cross on his hip, the word "love" on the knuckles of his right hand, the phrase "chacun à son goût" French for "Everyone has got his own taste" on his chest, and finally the letter "B" behind his left ear, which is dedicated to his good friend Betty.

Enjoy some pictures of Robbie Williams and his Body Paint.

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