Sunday, November 21, 2010

Body Paint Images

Body Paint Images

Our physical being houses our spiritual being. Without this wonderful physicality we wouldn't have the ability to grow and express ourselves. As babies we come into the world loving everything, expressing ourselves freely. We don't arrive hating, disliking or denying any part of our physical selves. This is learnt behaviour.

Have you noticed that a consequence of holding a negative view of your body is how it blinds you to the beauty all around you?

When we believe there's beauty everywhere, in people, places and circumstances then we find it and embrace it. When we feel negativity about our bodies we feel bad. Those feelings are to remind us that we're going against ourselves and our own perfection.

Not loving our physicality is another way of denying our power and potential waiting to be realised. We can put the blame with others but the answer lies within us at the root of how we are relating to ourselves.

We can and are influenced and convinced into believing. We are unconscious of the power the media and other people have to lead us down blind alleys and into things that aren't good for us. Awareness arms us with the ability to say, "Yes" to what we want to believe about ourselves and how we want to live. It means learning to say "No" to the rest.

Do you know most of us are unclear of what we actually look like? What's real isn't what we see, because we are looking at ourselves through the totality of our belief system. For example, having a parent that has a weight issue can give you a perception of yourself completely at odds with the truth.

We think there's something to fix about our bodies, when fixing sends out a vibration of lack and that there's something wrong with us. We can realise the physical image we want by believing it's possible, knowing we deserve it and loving our bodies as if it's perfect in every way now. If you vibrate this type of energy the creative stuff of the Universe has to make it so, because it is.

STOP being determined to convince yourself or your friends and family that your body isn't okay, justifying constantly why this is so? This is asking for what you don't want on a grand scale!

You're a masterpiece being painted with each stroke of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. I say, paint your masterpiece with love because your uniqueness is pure beauty and magic. It's YOU!

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