Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cute Girl In Money Body Painting

There Are Many Forms Of Face Paintings

This practice is common during the fairs or in the public parks. Children and the teenagers paint their faces. There are many forms of face paintings such as the tiger, the spider, the butterfly, the cat, the clown and the cartoon characters. The materials which are used during the process of painting should be safe. It is necessary to have no toxic or allergic reactions. It is preferable to test the materials of paintings in small area of the skin before using it.

Art Body Painting Since 1960's

With the passage of time, people appreciate the painting of the body. Then it becomes an art. It is the art of body painting. Body painting is approved as an actual art since 1960’s.

Cute Girl In Money Body Painting

People imaginations are simply beautiful. What is the point of painting on canvas, while you could paint on a body and have the painting being display in motion. Sexy and wonderful at the same time. It takes a creative mind to come up with a painting like this.

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